Sunday, January 4, 2009

Peter La Farge

this post here is incredibly important. in order to right the wrong that has befallen this world, i am posting two albums recorded by the late cowbody indian, peter la farge. as i have found over the recent years, this man has been all but forgotten...pete seeger honored la farge by playing one of his songs on rainbow quest and johnny cash played a few of his songs on his album "bitter tears," but that was the 60's. if la farge hadn't been included briefly in the "no direction home" dylan documentary, i don't know if anyone would still know of him. peter la farge was part of a dying indian tribe, and in the 60's he played native american protest songs and old cowboy songs in greenwich village. he didn't have an amazing voice which is probably why he's been forgotten, but what he said was what mattered. even though the songs seemed humorous, they're really brutal looks at the history of our relations with the native americans. download his music and spread it around if you dig it. it took me a year till i found and downloaded these albums...shops can't order his cds, the only place to get em is off the internet but it's repackaged as a double album and even that's hard to get. the link below is a folder that has both albums in it, "as long as the grass shall grow" and "on the warpath."


  1. Much appreciated, been looking all over for this.

  2. no problem, man. that's why it's up there.

  3. hey - could you post this again? i am really keen to hear "As Long As The Grass Shall Grow"

    thank you