Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let It Shine on Me

there's little you have to say about leadbelly since most people know it all, but he lived what he sang, he was the real deal. born 1888, died 1949. got locked up a bunch, escaped a chain gang once, got a pardon from the governor by writing a song to him, went to prison another time for stabbing a guy, he had a crazy life. but he was incredible at playing music, knew the songs and sang em raw, crazy 12 string guitar playing, he did the rhythm and lead at the same time. this here is the third volume of lomax's library of congress recordings of him, called "let it shine on me." it's mainly religious songs, but it's sung by a guy who meant it. the first half has him singin, the second has him singing and playin guitar. it's real intense, there are five other volumes but this should at least get you started some.

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